for Wednesday November 15th, 2017

$8 Plates:

Dorowat typically served with Njera (Ethiopian dish) (Halal Chicken)

Red-Red (stewed blackeyed peas) typically served with fried plantains (v)

Cabbage Medley served with Saffron Rice (chicken)

Egusi (spinach with Melon seeds) (v) served with Saffron Rice(v)


$10 SamplersĀ 

Couple bites-sized serving of all menu items excluding Dorowat


$12 Plates:

Any two stews/ sauces (above) with a choice of one side


$14 Plates:

Any three stews/sauces (above) and a choice of one side

A la carteSides:

Njera $2

Saffron rice $2

Fried Plantain $4



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