Thursday, March 30 from 7p-9p at Wild Goose Creative 
2491 Summit St Columbus OH 43202
(corner of Hudson & Summit)
This is the 2nd in the series of monthly events, and is a transplant from my time in San Fransisco.
*Tickets are $15 and available on Eventbrite (click button below):
*Tickets are also available in-store in the Hills Market downtown on Wednesdays (11-3)
at our lunch counter or the door at Wild Goose Creative.
You can bring a drink or dessert for $2 off admission.
If you have recommendations for writers for the next months, please let me know.


Saturday March 25th from 6:30p-8:30p at Quail Crossing Cellars and Winery
2899 N. High Street Columbus OH 43202
A 3-course meal will be served; each course paired with a wine
to bring out the flavors in the dishes presented.
*Tickets for this event are $36 and available on Eventbrite (click button below):
*Tickets are also available In store at Hill’s Market downtown on Wednesdays (11-3)
at our lunch counter or in the winery at Quail Crossing Cellars.


Join Asempe Kitchen for appetizers or dinner savored alongside great craft beers every Monday night!
There will be favorites like Asempe Bread and Kontomire (spinach with melon seeds)(v)
In addition, there will be new to the AK menu like lamb, chicken and goat suya (kebab) with spicy coleslaw,
fried plantains, and sweet potato fries.

Curious to experience the culinary adventure of West African cuisine?


Asempe! loosely translates to “Curiosity” in Fante, my mother tongue. Join me in my kitchen or invite me to infuse you and your kitchen with Asempe!  Asempe Kitchen offers traditional Ghanaian dishes, and works hard to provide adaptations for the western palate.  With vegan and vegetarian options cooked with Sunflower, Corn, and Olive oils instead of Palm or Peanut Oils, Asempe! brings a fresh approach to West African cuisine.


For the more adventurous palate, Asempe! offers Moko, her signature hot sauce, experiments with lamb and ground beef, all the while remaining as authentic as possible.  Asempe! enjoys flirting with tradition by producing dips, curries, and stir-fries that are spin-offs of the froyi (stews) and nkwan (soups) she was raised on.  Asempe! caters parties, receptions, and other food-related events. No event is too small.  Just ask!


Asempe! also offers an opportunity to cook and learn with her in her Eziban Series where participants pay a nominal fee and bring the ingredients to create a different West African dish each month. This opportunity can be adapted for corporate team-building or dinner parties.  Asempe! can also plan your weekly meals for you providing you with healthy variety as well as sprucing up some of your staples.

Akwaaba! (Welcome!)

My name is Kuukua, and I am a first generation Ghanaian American. I arrived in the United States 20 years ago. Since then I’ve tried to make a home for myself no matter where I am. Creating community is one of my passions, and a big part of that is food making and eating. I’ve decided to take this passion out of my kitchen and into my city. This is where you come in! I’d love to help you create or sustain community through food.  Let’s talk about your team, your upcoming event, or even your neighborhood – and dream up ways we can use Asempe Kitchen’s cuisine to connect cultures, and communicate with each other.

“When we break bread with others/strangers, we begin to cross boundaries, which in turn creates a bond that removes ‘Other’ from our lexicon even if momentarily.”

“Working with Kuukua is as great as eating her food.  Her ability to create delicious bites on time and on budget was greatly appreciated.  I highly recommend her and Asempe Kitchen for any catering or personal chef needs.”

Saydeah H | San Fransisco, CA


“Kuukua makes some of the most delicious food I’ve ever had! If you haven’t been lucky enough to try Ghanaian food, then it’s your lucky day.  Kuukua will give you that chance, and man oh man, you should take her up on it. Her food’s delicious! You won’t be disappointed.”

Em G | Brooklyn, NY


“Asempe! was kind enough to provide an appetizer for one of my networking events.  Not only was it a hit with the guests but everyone wanted some to take home.  Alas, there was very little left. Wonderful spinach appetizer!”

Tony W | San Fransisco, CA


“I had a private cooking lesson from Kuukua on how to make a traditional Ghanaian meal — pepper soup with goat and fufu. My teacher was very good at breaking down the steps and encouraged the lesson to be hands-on. While I enjoyed this process,  I cannot leave out the feasting part. More than yummy! Hands down, slap the table, suck the bone, lick the bowl dry, good!”

Mz M | Alameda, CA



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